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Low Vision
Tip of the Month

close-up of back of hand trailing along a wall for guidance
Use your hand to trail along home surfaces and locate doorways or partitions. Using the back of your hand with fingers curved inward protects your fingers from hazards like door jams.


The Low Vision Focus @ Hadley offers free, "just in time" webinars. These webinars share timely topics of interest for people with low vision, their family members and caregivers. The webinars are 60 to 90 minutes in length and can be accessed online from the convenience of your home, office or "on the go."

Upcoming Webinars

Thursday, March 16, at 10:00 AM Central Time
Low Vision Focus @ Hadley Presents: VisionAware: A Wealth of Resources

VisionAware is a wealth of resources for older adults with vision loss. According to it's mission statement: "VisionAware helps adults who are losing their sight continue to live full and independent lives by providing timely information, step-by-step daily living techniques, a directory of national and local services, and a supportive online community."

Join Seminars@Hadley as Priscilla Rogers, Program Director of VisionAware, describes how this valuable initiative can help older adults with vision loss, their families and caregivers.

Larry Muffett, member of the Seminars@Hadley team will moderate this 60-minute seminar. A question and answer session will be included as part of the seminar.

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Past Webinars

The Low Vision Focus @ Hadley offers archived webinar recordings relevant to people with low vision, their family members and caregivers. Any public rebroadcasting of webinar content must receive prior permission. Please send request to: Senior Vice President, Dawn Turco, at dawn@hadley.edu.

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