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Low Vision
Tip of the Month

Two plates of blueberries: one patterned, one white.
Plates or bowls with dark colors or busy patterns can make it difficult to identify and locate your food. Use solid-colored china that creates a high contrast background to your meal. Food will be visible and dining will be more enjoyable.


Hadley's Low Vision Quick Tip videos demonstrate many of the techniques discussed in our ten audio recordings. From managing prescriptions and low vision cooking to organizing money, the Low Vision Quick Tip videos bring our audio recordings to life. Hadley's iFocus Instructional Video Series provides the latest information on how to take advantage of the vision accessibility features built into the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. From "Using the Zoom Features" to the "Beginning Gestures in VoiceOver", discover how to put the power of iOS at your fingertips. Consider viewing the following videos to get started.

Low Vision Quick Tips

Managing Prescriptions
Organizing the Bathroom
Marking Bathroom Items

Handling Money
Managing Clothing
Doing the Laundry

Safety in the Home
Everyday Cooking Devices
Marking the Stove and Microwave

Slicing Food
Organizing the Kitchen
Marking Foods, Oils, and Spices

Safe Frying and Baking Techniques
Safe Stovetop Techniques
Measuring Spices and Pouring Devices

Videos on the Zoom Feature

Beginning Zoom Gestures
Using the Speak Screen Feature
Resetting Your iDevice

Using the Magnifier

Videos on the VoiceOver Feature

Beginning Gestures in Voiceover
Advanced Voiceover Gestures
Placing and Receiving Phone Calls

Sending a Text Message

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