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Low Vision
Tip of the Month

Picture of a black mug and a white mug of coffee. The white mug shows clearly the coffee level inside.
Use a white or light-colored mug when pouring a dark liquid like coffee. The contrasting color will make the level of your beverage easy to see.


Low Vision Quick Tips

These videos demonstrate many of the techniques discussed in our ten audio recordings. From managing prescriptions and low vision cooking to organizing money, the Low Vision Quick Tip videos bring our audio recordings to life.

Managing Prescriptions
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Low Vision Gardening

Developed in collaboration with the Chicago Botanic Garden, Hadley's Low Vision Gardening Video Series demonstrate a program of therapeutic horticultural activities. From "Transplanting" to "Flower Arrangement", these videos encourage active participation in the benefits of working with plants. A companion manual to these videos may be found at: https://www.chicagobotanic.org/therapy/resources

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Hadley's iFocus Instructional Video Series provides the latest information on how to take advantage of the vision accessibility features built into the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. From "Using the Zoom Features" to the "Beginning Gestures in VoiceOver", discover how to put the power of iOS at your fingertips.

Beginning VoiceOver Gestures
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