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Low Vision
Tip of the Month

Two pairs of sunglasses with lenses that wrap on the sides and top.
When choosing sunglasses or sunshades, look for models with lenses that wrap around both the sides and top. These features will block glare from every angle.

Audio Recordings

In the kitchen, chopping herbs
Listen now to a sample of the Low Vision Cooking Audio Recording!

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The Low Vision Focus @ Hadley program features free audio recordings to help you maintain independence in your home. They offer practical ways to address daily living skills made difficult by low vision. To request the following audio recordings, you may:

Making The Kitchen User Friendly

Making the kitchen safer and more functional, clearing clutter and using contrasting color and shape recognition

Low Vision Cooking

Safe cooking techniques to make cooking a more enjoyable experience

Doing Simple Kitchen Tasks

How to make daily kitchen and household tasks easier

Basic Tactile Marking

Using various materials to create tactile markers and marking different household items to distinguish them

Simple Home Modifications

Tools and strategies to make your household more low vision-friendly

Getting Around The House

Techniques to increase your indoor mobility at home

Looking Your Best

Low vision tips to make your personal care and grooming routine easier and ways to make laundry more manageable

Keeping Prescriptions In Order

Taking your medications, getting your prescriptions and managing your prescription routines

Going Out For A Meal

Tips and tricks to go out and enjoy a meal in public

Going Out With A Friend

Using a human guide to navigate places and situations outside of your household

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