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"Enhancing Independence with a Low Vision Focus" --- a free resource for caregivers.


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Did you know three million people in the U.S. age 40 and older have low vision? Low vision means that even with eye glasses, contact lenses, medication or surgery, people still have difficulty seeing well enough to complete everyday tasks. According to 2010 research by the National Eye Institute, the number of Americans with low vision will continue to grow dramatically, from 2.9 million in 2010, to 5 million in 2030, to 8.9 million in 2050, as our population ages. As your vision loss progresses, it often becomes necessary to learn new methods to perform daily activities such as reading the mail, shopping, cooking, watching TV and paying the bills. The great news is that there are lots of techniques that can help you to manage your low vision and remain independent at home. That's what the Low Vision Focus @ Hadley program is all about.

Hadley is a nonprofit organization that has been supporting people with vision loss for nearly a century. The centerpiece of this innovative distance education program is a series of 10 audio recordings available for streaming or download from our website. They are also available on CDs or in Digital Talking Book format on a single DTB cartridge. The recordings cover a variety of suggestions and modifications that can be made to your daily routine to ensure your safety and independence at home.

A monthly Low Vision Focus webinar series, with high interest content specifically for seniors with age-related eye conditions, is in development. Following the live event, each webinar will be archived on the website making them available to access at anytime.

The Low Vision Focus @ Hadley offers short instructional companion "quick-tip" videos that correlate with the 10 audio recordings currently available. These videos are available on the website and do not require any kind of registration process. Hadley's popular instructional iFocus videos covering the vision accessibility features of iPhone and iPad are also available for viewing from the Low Vision Focus website.

Hadley offers more than 100 courses covering a variety of topics from independent living to recreation. Several of these courses may be of interest to you. Consider taking a Hadley course today!

All educational and training materials made available through the Low Vision Focus @ Hadley are provided at no cost to our participants. These materials are designed for self-study in the privacy of the home and may be shared with a spouse, family member or caregiver.

For more information on the Low Vision Focus @ Hadley, contact us at 855.830.5355 or send an email to lowvisionfocus@hadley.edu.

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